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Do you offer sample discounts?

We do! You will receive a sample discount of 40% on any canvas item each year and 20% on any print item each year!

How do I place an order?

You must be signed in to your account to place an order. Simply choose your product then upload your image in the cart.

How do I view your pricing?

We ask that our customers be logged in to view pricing or place an order. We protect our pricing to protect our customers. Only professionals are albe to order.

What's your turnaround time?

Print orders with UV coating is 2 production days. Print order with no UV coating is 1 production day. Canvas orders are 3 production days.

Do you have a print order minimum amount?

We do not. However; any oder over $20 will include free shipping.

How much is shipping?

$0-$75 order amount is $10 shipping


Orders over $75 is free shipping!

Can I order a print with a border?

Absolutely, when cropping your image for print, make sure to include the border size you wish to include. For example: a 5×7 with a one inch border would be cropped to a 7×9, and you would order a 7×9 print. In the comments section of the cart, please include “border” so we know this was intentional and not a mistake.

What do you mean by "drop ship"?

Drop shipping means we will send your order to your client directly for you, no invoicing or any Five Nines information will be included in the package but will be emailed separately to you. We recommend including boutique packaging if you drop ship.

I'm local but my client is out of town, will you drop ship to them?

Yes, please be aware that shipping may change for items delivered out of state depending on size.

How do you approve my account? What do I need to qualify?

To apply for an account, please complete the application. we personally review the information and vet each customer. We look for things like a professional web site before we approve your account. We are available for professional photographers in Colorado and do not provide service for the general public.

My free test prints I ordered are off on color, what should I do?

Refer to our calibration techniques to ensure color correctness. If you are still having troubles or questions, give us a call. We would love to talk with you about options.

What file types do you accept?

We accept .JPG, .PSD, .PNG and .TIFF

I don't see the size print I want, do you do custom sizes?

Absolutely, we print sizes from wallet to 44″ x 72″. We simply list the most commonly ordered sizes on our site. If you wish to order a custom size, please order the next size up and place in the comments the custom size you are ordering. Please make sure the image you are sending us has been cropped to your desired size already. Example? I want to order a 10″x 30″ print, I would order a 20″ x 30″ and in the comments please my size of 10″ x 30″. If we receive several of that size we will add it to our list.

Do I have to pay sales tax when I charge sales tax in my studio?

NO! Don’t double pay in sales taxes. Here is the form we need and with this information on file, your account will not be charged sales tax from us. If you do not already charge sales tax to your clients when they order or do not have a sales tax ID, then yes your account will be charged sales tax at check out.